Mountain Bikes, Mud and Mid Wales – Welcome to the World of the ‘Dirty Weekend’!

Photographs courtesy of Clive Powell.

In Part 2 of our Mid Wales series, we talk to Clive Powell of Clive Powell Mountain Bikes based in Rhayader.  Clive runs a bike shop offering rentals and a fantastic restaurant, perfect for hungry riders coming in after a long day in the saddle on one of the legendary ‘Dirty Weekends’ also on offer. The food is sourced locally and cooked by Francine, who also stocks up the support vehicle on nice days to assist with feeding the Dirty Weekenders mid ride! We stopped by for a chat with the man himself…..

Hi Clive, your cycle shop has gone from strength to strength and has become a real hot-spot for cyclists of all persuasions! What kicked it all off for you?

I started my business in 1985 when I was 30 years old. At that time, I was working as a professional ski instructor in the winters, and filling in with building trade work in the summers. I had just given up my hobby of motocross racing, and was looking for something to replace the excitement and adrenalin that I used to get on race days. After a couple of years, I discovered mountain biking and I was immediately hooked. I took to it like a duck to water; the motocross gave me the technical skills, my taste for extreme physical effort gave me the desire, and I could see a way that I could earn a living in the summer working outdoors in the hills of Mid Wales.

I bought some bikes and started off by doing half day guided mountain bike rides. From that pilot scheme I progressed to my legendary Dirty Weekends (fully packaged mountain bike weekends), eventually opening a shop in 1994 to support my activities. I got deeply involved in the sport, racing in mountain biking, cycle cross and a local Hilly Time Trial series which I organize myself. I have a few Welsh titles to my name, and hold some Hilly Time Trial records. Even though bad health meant that I was unable to ride my bike for 8 years, I still now participate in cyclocross races, and the Hilly Time Trial series.

Clive’s shop in Rhayader – home to bikes, cakes, and the legendary Dirty Weekend!

Wow, that’s impressive! Here at Freewheeling, Mid Wales is the place to be.  Not only is it such a beautiful landscape, but it offers something for everyone in terms of cycle sport.  You seem to offer something for everyone too – tell us a bit about what it’s like to work (and play!) in such an inspiring place…

Currently my business is mostly shop-based. We sell bikes, we rent bikes, we repair bikes, and of course we ride bikes. On the bike I deliver road safety training in primary schools in Powys, and I am a coach for the Bulls Cycling Club based in Builth Wells. Apart from the Hilly Time Trials, I also run some winter mountain bike events. I am really lucky to live in an area that is so good for cycling; not just the fantastic backcountry biking on the bridleways and byways over the hills of Mid Wales, but also the endless opportunities for scenic and almost deserted roads. Even families can find places to ride – for example the Elan Valley Trail – a 9-mile traffic free route built on an old railway and running alongside the reservoirs of the Elan Valley.

Our shop caters for all riders, not just the hard-as-old-boots backcountry riders, but also beginners and occasional riders, plus families, tourists, and of course riders who mostly get their adrenalin kicks at trail centres. We stock a wide range of models, mostly from Giant, but will also be taking on another exciting brand in the near future. We also have a fleet of hardtails for rent, plus hybrids for the Elan Valley Trail, and some electric bikes.
The most popular service that we provide is the repair service. Our mechanic Neil, knows his stuff, is very thorough, and always has time for a good humoured chat with the customers.
What is the area like for…

 …Mountain Biking?

We have a number of routes off-road that are iconic and well known to the MTB fraternity, particularly the old school riders who were exploring the hills on bikes before the advent of trail centres. Mention the Golf Links or the Miner’s Trail to any grey haired mountain biker and watch their eyes light up! All of the routes around here are interestingly technical without being scary or dangerous. And the mud is mostly peaty, which is kind to your bike, and doesn’t stick to your tyres like the proverbial.
Roadies find this a fantastic area to ride in with no less than 7 different roads leading away from Rhayader, and circular routes of as small as 7 miles. Mid Wales is, of course well known for it’s more epic routes such as the Devil’s Staircase and the Trans Cambrian. So, something for everyone on 2 wheels.


The Welsh Cyclocross League has gone from strength to strength in recent years with up to 300 riders turning up to race every Sunday from Mid September to Christmas. The youngest riders catered for are the under 8s, and the oldest are the over 60s. Anyone who wants to give it a go can turn up and ride. A mountain bike will do, and entries are as little as £10 for an adult plus £3 for a day license. Events are held at different venues every week. Cyclocross is a great way to get into cycle racing. It is safe, but exciting and can be very technical.

Most local bikers are just that:- bikers! they don’t categorize themselves as mountain bikers, roadies or whatever. Most of them do road, MTB, cross, time trials and have a stable of bikes. I mean, why limit yourself!


People who may be unfamiliar with the area managed to catch a glimpse of Rhayader and surrounding area this year on the Tour of Britain TV coverage. What was it like seeing the action live?

The stage through Wales was the hardest of the whole race, finishing at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells. It made a superb venue, with space for an exciting sprint finish, parking for spectators, trade stands, food, and a range of activities.

First thing in the morning I rode in a sportive. I couldn’t believe just how excited I felt to finish on the actual finish-line of the Tour of Britain, and couldn’t resist doing a sprint for the final 100 metres! In between that and the race arriving, I delivered some mini sessions of road safety training to schoolchildren from the surrounding area, and got to watch the race come in from the roof of the Hospitality Suite. The sun shone and it was one of the most exciting days of the year for me.


Events like the Tour of Britain, London 2012, and the Grand Depart of Le Tour in Yorkshire has really given British cycling a boost in recent years.  Have you noticed the sport growing in popularity?

Road racing, and the success of the British riders has done a lot for the sport in this country. It is difficult to assess how much has been due to our athletes, but I do now see kids bringing road bikes to school, and the number of women on the line at this year’s cyclocross races has more than doubled.
What is your favourite piece of cycling kit?

My favourite piece of kit is my cyclocross bike, which I built in 2002 and still race on now. It fits me like a glove and goes around corners like it’s on rails. Even if I get myself a more up to date bike sometime, I will still keep my trusty crosser.
Finally, describe your ideal day on a bike in Mid Wales…

My ideal day on a bike locally is to compete in the Around the Dams time trial. It is a 17-mile course starting off with a 100ft climb the top of the mountain, followed by a winding route through the Elan Valley with no less than 9 technical corners. It is a proper test of bike riding ability, and riders come from all over to take part. There is always a great atmosphere and everyone gathers back at the shop afterwards for the results and coffee and home made cake.
Thanks so much Clive, see you out-and-about on those trails soon no doubt!


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