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30 Seconds With……Eliot Lietaer of Sport Vlaanderen – Baloise

Currently riding the Vuelta a Burgos, Eliot was kind enough to answer the 30 Seconds questions before the race…

What was your first ever bike like?  My first bike was a very old bike of my father’s, which I rode to train for my very first bike race. It was a local ‘kermesse’ when I was 16, and I only trained twice on this old bike from my father. The bike I rode in the race itself was one I borrowed together with shoes and a helmet from a friend. Everyone said that I would be dropped after two rounds but I finished the race and even attacked in the last lap. After the the old bike from my father and the borrowed bike of my friend, I got a Giacomelli aluminium frame with Ultegra shifting gears.
Books or Movies?  I’m not really into books, but I like to watch a good movie after a hard training day or race. I like all kinds of movies, preferably action films. I really like Angelina Jolie – not just her movies but the charity work she does, like UNICEF.
What’s on your MP3 Player?  Music is kind of the same as movies, I like a wide range from dance music like Hardwell, Calvin Harris, to Linkin Park. If it has a good tune I like it.
If you could go for a café run with any cyclist from history, who would it be?  When I was little I used to be a fan of Jan Ullrich, so I’d like to share a drink with him one day.

30 Seconds With……Alexey Vermeulen of Lotto NL Jumbo

Fresh from the Dauphiné and an altitude training camp in Austria, I managed to catch up with the American rider before he heads off to ride Clásica San Sebastián this weekend.

What was your first ever bike like?  First race bike was a 24 inch wheeled Trek! Started by doing triathlons with my mom before migrating just to the fun part with the support of my grandfather who raced in Holland.
Books or Movies?  Big fan of the Harry Potter series, and also many biographies such as Apolo Ohno – Zero Regrets. Movies: Miracle and anything action and comedy!
What’s on your MP3 Player?  A complete mish mash from Bethoveen to Linkin Park!
If you could go for a café run with any cyclist from history, who would it be?  Gino Bartali
If I wasn’t a cyclist I’d be… …an ice hockey player!

30 Seconds With……Pete Kibble, who joins Zappi Pro Cycling from Velocity Globalbike in 2017

Pete Kibble joins the U23 ranks in 2017 – he’s certainly one to watch! We asked him our quick-fire questions earlier, look out for our full length interview soon!

What was your first ever bike like? An Action Man mountain bike that I rode 24/7.
Books or Movies? Both. Favourite Book – David Millar, Racing Through the Dark. Favourite Movie – The Kingsman.
What’s on your MP3 Player? I listen to all sorts depending on my mood, I always listen to music while I’m training. I like Two Door Cinema Club quite a lot.
If you could go for a café run with any cyclist from history, who would it be? Mario Cipollini
If I wasn’t a cyclist I’d be… Race car driver.

30 Seconds With……Kristian House of ONE Pro Cycling!

Tour of Britain star Kristian House answers our quick-fire questions below…

What was your first ever bike like? My first ever bike was a little steel trike. Red and white with solid wheels! My first racing style bike was something I bought out of a newspaper second hand for 150 bucks. It was a pretty basic steel frame with down tube shifters and mid/low range Shimano. I spent most of that year replacing parts one bit at a time as I had money available. Haha…
Books or Movies? Films mostly. I do love reading, but I’m quite picky about it, so if I start a book and after 20-30 pages I’m not hooked I tend to put it down, whereas a movie, I’ll sit through the most dreadful movie ever, all the way to the end!
What’s on your MP3 Player? So much stuff. I really like a wide variety of music, from Outkast, to Bruce Springsteen, to Tiesto and Bob Marley. A real wide mix.
If you could go for a café run with any cyclist from history, who would it be? Honestly, probably the squad from Rapha Condor in 2009/10. We were only a small squad, but we were pretty tight. It would be cool to have them all back together for a cafe ride.
If I wasn’t a cyclist I’d be… Wishing I was? Haha, I don’t know. I’d have been a runner if it wasn’t for cycling. More than likely outside of sport, it would have been something in computers.

30 Seconds With……Jasper Bovenhuis of An Post Chain Reaction!

We grabbed 30 seconds with the Tour of Britain Yodel Direct Sprint jersey winner Jasper Bovenhuis to ask him the Freewheeling quick-fire questions…

What was your first ever bike like? A white MBK, with tube gearing and toeclips.
Books or Movies? Movies.
What’s on your MP3 Player? All kind of music, listening a lot from the top 40 hit-chart.
If you could go for a café run with any cyclist from history, who would it be? Mario Cipollini
If I wasn’t a cyclist I’d be… Ice-speedskater

30 Seconds With……Mark McNally of Wanty-Groupe Gobert!

We managed to grab 30 seconds with the Eneco Tour breakaway King. Here’s what we found out…

What was your first ever bike like? My first ever race bike was a aluminium Vitus with blue crome tubes and chrome lugs with white break hoods and downtube shifters.
Books or Movies? E-Books
What’s on your MP3 Player? J. Cole is on my Mp3 player
If you could go for a café run with any cyclist from history, who would it be? Jean Bobet, I read his book; Tomorrow we ride, which is about him and his brother’s careers. They were quite an interesting pair.
If I wasn’t a cyclist I’d be… a Chef!